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Why to Send Your Kid to Jewish Sleepaway Camp far from Florida

With summer fast approaching, you may be wondering why send your kid to a summer camp in New Jersey? Think about it. What other time in your life would they get to spend a week or more, in natural surroundings with their peers experiencing new adventures?

Jewish Summer Camp Near New York

What Is The Purpose Of Summer Camp?

Summer camp is when the electronics are put aside, friendships are formed and kids amazingly start becoming aware of their surroundings. Your child's sense of responsibility and independence has a chance to grow when they are away from home and in the beautiful and natural surroundings of New Jersey while exploring our summer camp facilities. Meeting so many new people sets aside their automatic or expected responses. It gives them the opportunity to be who they are in the present, accepted for who they are now. At camp, there is no baggage from school or the local neighborhood.

What Are The Benefits Of Sleepaway Summer Camp?

Unique camp experiences, shared with their peers, can give kids a sense of accomplishment, building their confidence. Sometimes they try a summer camp activity they would never try otherwise. Camp is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying things you would refrain from trying normally. Meeting new people, creating new friendships, experiencing new things and even facing your fears are some of the things that make summer camp great! 

Finding A Sleepaway Summer Camp 

Because Camp Louemma's emphasis is on participation, personal achievement, and skill attainment rather than on competition alone, campers of every age and skill level are made to feel comfortable and successful. Our 152 scenic acre campus boasts a private lake and picturesque surroundings that enable each camper to feel safe, secure and relaxed. 

We couldn't be more excited for summer to be here! We want you to know that we hope this is our best summer yet and we plan on doing everything we can to make sure it is! Find out more about our summer camp in New Jersey, or to schedule a tour at Camp Louemma contact us at (973)287-7264.

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