Friday, 19 August 2016 03:59

What To Ask Yourself When Choosing A Sleepaway Camp Far Away

Every year, parents search for the perfect camp to send their son or daughter to. Camp Louemma is the best sleepaway camp for Florida families. Located in Northern New Jersey, Camp Louemma is a great option when considering camps. Selecting a summer camp can be a hectic experience, consider these questions when looking around:

  • Day camp or overnight?

When selecting a camp, you will need to decide whether your son or daughter is interested in attending a day camp or an overnight summer camp in New Jersey. Make this decision together and think very hard about it. If your child brought up the idea about overnight camp, it’s likely that they are interested so take that in to account.

  • What do other people think of the summer camp?

Ask the camp for references from other parents who send their kids there. Also search the camp on Google to see if there are any reviews or testimonials.

  • What activities are offered?

What does your son or daughter want to do at camp? They should choose something that they wont lose interest in quickly because they will be doing it almost everyday. Summer camp activities at Camp Louemma include aquatics, athletics, creative/performing arts, and outdoor adventures!

  • What is the price?

Yes, summer camp can be expensive. But it is an investment not only in your child’s summer but also their future. The benefits of summer camp are endless and the memories made there will last a lifetime. If there is a summer camp that both you and your child are in love with, invest in it. You won’t regret this decision and your son or daughter will have the time of their lives!

Camp Louemma is the perfect sleepaway camp for Florida families. To learn more or to schedule a tour, contact Camp Louemma at (973)-287-7264 (winter) or (973)-875-4403 (summer) today!

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