Monday, 05 September 2016 19:59

Residential Camp Prepares Children for College

Most of the time, residential camp is just seen as a chance for children to go away for the summer. When in reality, it offers children a fun experience to keep them occupied and busy over the long summer break while benefitting them in a variety of ways. Most importantly, sending your son or daughter to a residential camp in the Northeast, like Camp Louemma, prepares them to go away to college in the future!

Did you know that colleges are more likely to accept a student if they show that they are passionate about something and have proof of leadership and communicating skills? By exploring a wide range of our residential camp activities, children will hopefully find something that they are truly passionate about and love to do. And guess what, residential camp provides children with an opportunity to not only gain these skills, but also improve on and build to this. Also, feeling homesick at residential camp is pretty common. And it’s much easier for a child to adjust to being away from home at a younger age. By sending them to overnight camp years before they go away to college, they are able to quickly adjust and go thorough the phases that come along with being away from home and becoming more independent. When children learn to be independent, they often become more confident in their abilities as well as gain some self-esteem, and nothing is better than that! Now, hopefully you have realized that while residential camp is a great chance for children to have fun and stay busy over the summer, it is also the perfect chance for them to prepare for the future and gain life skills that they won’t find anywhere else.

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