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Packing for Sleepaway Camp Near New York

Sleepaway Camp Near New York

What Should I Pack For Sleepaway Camp?

We are weeks away from the drop off day at Camp Louemma! Everyone here is counting down the minutes until the first day and we hope you are too! But first, have you started packing? Or at least think about packing? It’s almost time to leave for sleepaway camp near New York and we want to help you! After years of experience, we have come up with a few tips to help you get through the stressful stages of packing for sleepaway camp!

  1. A Trunk- Let's start off simple. Pick out a reliable and built to the last trunk. Maybe decorate it to give it a little more personal feel. This trunk will be your child’s drawers, armoire, and closet all in one while away at summer camp, so invest in a strong trunk.
  2. Clothing- Probably the most obvious thing to pack, but don’t forget anything! Check to see if the camp has a sleepaway camp packing list. We have created the ultimate packing list for Camp Louemma so you don’t forget anything. Don’t invest in any expensive new clothes. Campers will have too much fun playing to worry about not getting dirt on their new white shorts!
  3. Labels- LABEL EVERYTHING!!! We can’t stress this enough. Waterproof labels, sharpies, laundry markers, go label crazy!
  4. Toiletries- We recommend getting a shower caddy. This will keep all toiletries together and minimize the loss of a bottle of shampoo! (You know what else minimizes losing things? LABELS!)
  5. Home- Pack some nice reminders of home for when the homesickness at sleepaway camp hits. It’s almost inevitable but reminders of home help campers to power through it!
  6. Overpacking- Yes, we know its super difficult to not overpack, we do it ourselves! But try and stick to the list. Our campers have been following it for years and it almost always works. Overpacking increases the risk of misplacing and losing things, plus who wants to lug around extra things on drop off day.

Choosing A Sleepaway Camp Near NY

Camp Louemma has a team of highly trained specialists and counselors that are well-qualified to watch after your children. We are happy to answer any questions regarding overnight camp, sleepaway camp, Jewish sleepaway camp, summer camp activities, and more. If you have are located near New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut and still not signed up for sleepaway camp, contact Camp Louemma today! Call us at (973)-875-4403 (summer) or (973)-287-7264.

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