Sunday, 21 August 2016 16:58

Fall In Love With Overnight Summer Camp

Let’s be honest, what isn’t there to love about summer camp? The freedom from parents, choosing what you want to do, running around outside all day, and learning something new everyday! Camp Louemma is a summer camp near Connecticut that offers all of these advantages, plus more! Sending your child to summer camp ensures that your son or daughter will have the best summer of their life. Here are some reasons that will make you fall in love with summer camp:

  1. Supportive & Friendly Community- Summer camp is a place where children can be themselves and have fun in a safe, supportive, tightknit community. Children won’t feel judged or unwanted by their fellow campers. Camp Louemma focuses on personal achievements at summer camp rather than on competition, campers of every age and skill level are encouraged to feel good about themselves and what they achieve.
  2. Something New Everyday- New sports, adventures, activities, and events go on everyday at summer camp. Campers will learn a variety of new skills at summer camp that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Some of the summer camp activities offered at Camp Louemma include aquatics, athletics, creative & preforming arts, outdoor adventures, and special events like color wars and various trips.
  3. Vacation From Parents- (This doubles as an advantage to both parents & children) Kids- you won’t have to worry about your chores at home if you’re at summer camp! Yeah, you’ll still probably have to make your bed but you won’t have to walk the dog every morning and you won’t have to play with your little brother all day! Parents- Where should we start? Well, you won’t have as much laundry to do, you won’t have to keep reminding your kids to clean their room, less driving, and probably thousands of other things. Just remember that your son or daughter is having a great time at summer camp and being supervised by our amazing summer camp staff!

If you’re interested in sending your son or daughter to a summer camp near Connecticut, contact Camp Louemma at (973) 875-4403 (summer) or (973) 287-7264 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour.

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