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Dealing with Homesickness at Summer Camp

Summer Camp For Kids in Florida

How To Make Sure Your Child Is Ready For Sleepaway Summer Camp

There is no place like home and more often than not, children attending summer camp will at some point feel homesick. At Camp Louemma, we have a lot of campers from Florida and consider ourselves the best summer camp for children in Florida. With that being said, New Jersey is a long way from home in Florida, and at some point in the summer, your son or daughter may begin to miss home. There is nothing that you can do or say to avoid your child feeling homesick, but there are a few ways that you can ease the feelings and get your son or daughter back to having fun at summer camp.

  • Before your son or daughter leaves for summer camp, have them pack reminders of home. In addition to everything on the summer camp packing list, pack a stuffed animal, some photographs, or a blanket. This will be comforting for your child if he or she begins to miss home.
  • If your son or daughter hasn’t been away to summer camp, arrange a practice weekend away from home. Send your child to a family member or friends house for the weekend and have them follow the schedule for a typical day at summer camp. This is a great way to prepare for the upcoming separation and practice being away from home.
  • When you’re packing for summer camp, also make sure to include pre-addressed and stamped envelopes, stationary, and pens/pencils. At summer camp, letters are the best way to keep in contact with family and friends. Tell your son or daughter that if they are missing home, write down their feelings. This is a good way for them to express how they are feeling and get it out.
  • Talk with your son or daughter about how they may feel homesick while away at summer camp. Give them some tips on how to cope with homesickness. When children are feeling homesick, go play with friends or try out some new summer camp activities. This will put them into another mindset and hopefully allow them to feel better. Remind them that summer camp is only a few weeks long and before they know it, they will be back at home!

Choosing A Summer Camp For Children In Florida

Don’t think that you are making a mistake by sending your son or daughter to summer camp. Homesickness happens to everyone and is unavoidable. However, by preparing your child for summer camp and feelings of homesickness, they will have fun and be successful this summer. If you’re looking for the best summer camp for children in Florida, Camp Louemma is the answer. Call us today at 973-875-4403 (summer) or 973-287-7264 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour!

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