Wednesday, 14 September 2016 14:50

The Benefits of Summer Camp

As of today, there are exactly 45 days until the first day of summer camp at Camp Louemma! Besides having an amazing summer, did you know that summer camp is extremely beneficial for children? Our sleepaway camp near Connecticut strives to give children the best summer of their lives while teaching them new skills. We put emphasis on participation, personal achievement, and learning new skills rather than competition, which allows our campers to feel comfortable and successful everyday! The benefits of summer camp are endless, but here are some of what we believe are the top reasons to send your child to camp this summer.

  • Learn New Skills- At Camp Louemma, children will have the option to participate in a variety of different summer camp activities. We offer aquatics, athletics, creative/performing arts, and outdoor adventures! Children will learn new skills everyday that they will be able to use even after they leave at the end of the summer.
  • Develop Social Skills- At summer camp, your son or daughter will be surrounded by children of all different ages from all over the country. Unlike school, summer camp doesn’t have the typical “cliques”, campers feel comfortable enough to be themselves without the feeling judged. They will be making new friends and learning how to get along with other children in our friendly community.
  • Time Outside- At Camp Louemma, children will explore the outdoors at summer camp. We do not allow cell phones because they take away from the summer camp experience. Children will be spending hours outside a day having fun and reconnecting with the environment.
  • New Friends & Memories- Our campers say that summer camp is what they look forward to every year. Your child will come home in August with a ton of summer camp memories. Our campers also say that they’ve met their best friends at summer camp and keep in touch with them throughout the year.

Quick reminder that these are only a few of the many benefits of sending your son or daughter to summer camp! If you’re looking for the best sleepaway camp near Connecticut, contact Camp Louemma at (973)-287-7264 [winter] or (973)-875-4403 [summer] for more information or to schedule a tour.

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