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Affordable Sleepaway Camp NJ


With winter approaching, we here at Camp Louemma in NJ are feeling a little camp sick, and we know that many of our campers are too! But is it possible to keep the sleepaway camp momentum going throughout the year?

7 Ways to Keep the Sleepaway Camp Momentum Going

1. Talk about camp with them. Kids love talking about their sleepaway camp experience at Camp Louemma, and it helps them process the events of the summer. Ask them to tell you about their camp friends, their favorite activities, and favorite events.

2. Encourage them to keep in touch with their camp friends throughout the year. Camp Louemma draws campers from all over the globe, and maintaining contact is easier than ever with social media.

3. Encourage them to read, and to keep up with our camp blog. Reading our camp blog is beneficial for both campers and parents as it holds a lot of useful information.

4. Ask them to teach you a camp song. If your child just can’t stop singing our camp songs, encourage them to teach you one or two.

5. Encourage them to keep in touch with us throughout the year. We here at Camp Louemma love to know what our campers are up to over the winter, whether its winning a spot on a team, landing a role in a school play, or earning a place on the honor roll.

6. Show them that you got their camp letters. At Camp Louemma our campers love sending home letters. Point out your favorite parts, and keep them, someday a scrapbook of camp letters will make for a thoughtful and creative gift to give back to them.

We are looking forward to summer 2018! So to all prospective families, please contact us with any questions you may have, whether its about costs, registration, or your child's furture with us here at Camp Louemma!

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