About Camp Louemma, the best New Jersey Jewish sleepaway camp

A camper and a counselor having fun at Camp LouemmaSummer is a very special time when a child seeks to learn, explore and develop new skills, hobbies and interests.

Our program is specifically designed to meet the diverse and ever-expanding recreational needs and interests of our campers. Because our emphasis is on participation, personal achievement and skill attainment rather than on competition alone, campers of every age and skill level are made to feel comfortable and successful.

Through the use of scheduled activity periods and structured electives, each camper can experience a well-rounded program that includes athletics, aquatics, creative and performing arts and outdoor adventure. Our elective program allows each camper to have direct input into their daily schedule. During elective periods campers may wish to try new activities, concentrate on their favorite ones or enhance their existing skills by participating in individualized instruction or clinics. Each activity is conducted in a supportive, encouraging manner by an experienced counselor or specialist.

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